Thursday, December 18, 2008

The return...

Its been 2 weeks since I last blogged.

Feels like forever!

I have missed checking in on all my friends blogs and must apologise for this.

I must however fill you in on a little something that would help to explain why I have not left tons of love-filled comments as per usual.

We have dial-up here on the farm.

Yes, I just said dial-up.

Yes, you are probably groaning in sympathy.

Thank you for your care.

Just to explain took me 10 mins to open this blog. My blog. 10 mins.

So, I double clicked on the little Internet Explorer icon that brings up all my friends that live in my computer.

Then I went and poured myself a glass of coke.

Came back.

Still no action on the precious computer.

Got a little anxious, but saw that the little green lines were loading at the bottom of the screen, so that meant at least there was progress.

Went and saw what was on the tv.

Came back and Google was there! Typed in my blog address.

Drank more coke.

Drank more coke.

Ate a cookie.

(At this rate Im going to put on weight everytime I want to blog)

Success!! My blog page was open.

Me: Click "sign in" on blog page.
Drink coke
Me: What! Still no sign in page?
Drink Coke
Me: Ok, this is beginning to slightly annoy me.
Drink more Coke
Finally! Blog sign in page open.

You can probably guess how the rest went. No need to torment myself furthur.

But..I am now here and Im going to do the unthinkable..Im going to try and load pictures! This might take the moment, the date on the top of the page says 17th December. If you only however read this on the 18th or 19th you will know why.

I left SA on a bright and sunny Saturday morning on the 29th November. Leaving Ryan and my little flat and all my friends was heartbreaking. But, I had to concentrate on the fact that the ship was delayed, I had already given up my job and couldnt stay in SA for very much longer with no work. So, I packed my bags, gave notice at my flat and got on a plane to come and see my family that I havent seen for the past year.

After way too many hours of being in the air, (10 to be exact) I landed at Hong Kong Airport. This is where the fun starts because I had a 19hr wait at the airport to catch the next 12hr flight to New Zealand.

I did something very smart in my books.

I went and waited outside the doors of the First Class Airport lounge and asked everyone who went past if I could come in as their guest!!
I am sneaky I know. But every First Class passenger can bring a guest into the lounge, completely free of charge! So, in my opinion, why did I have to find a hard bench to lie on and try and sleep/watch that my luggage doesnt get scooped, when I could go into the lap of luxury.

After being there for a little while, I did get in!

Oh Joy! Happiness! Absolute elation!

Why am I so happy do you ask?

Is it maybe because they have HUGE showers and bathrooms, equipped with everything you need to feel better after such a long flight?

Answer: Yes

Is it also maybe because they have computers with FAST internet that you can stay on for hours for free?

Answer: Yes

Is it maybe because while you are on these amazingly fast internet machines, they bring you coffee and biscuits?

Answer: Yet again, yes.

There were also rooms that you could go and lie down in, complete with sleeping chair-thing, tv, music and aircon.

And of course, a buffet (Elastic...are you reading this? You would be proud) I ate 3 times at the buffet. Before you all shake your heads in disbelief, I was there for 19hrs remember?

While I was in the bathroom, I thought about my blog and what I could say on the next one (this one!) I then took these "cool" and "not so cool" things about my trip:

Cool: Buying a new bag before I left to use as a super-big-can-fit-the-kitchen-sink-bag for my travels.

Not so cool: Having the handle break when getting off the plane in Hong Kong.

Cool: Getting a box of yummy chocolate covered Almonds as a present from someone at work.

Not so cool: Having the above-mentioned Almonds all fall out into the bottom of the above-mentioned broken bag filled with too much stuff to find them until I got to NZ and could unpack.

And 2 very cool things I discovered once I got onto the plane to come to NZ:

We got the new plane! With cool seats and new audio visual equipment!!

And lastly..something that really is very cool indeed..being with my family...

Going for a bare-back ride with Ian, my little brother

Out in the city with Colleen...

So, thats about all from me for the time being..

ps: In the time it took me to upload these pics, I ate a choc bar, went and fetched somewarm warm to wear, put on socks and warm item of clothing, checked the tv guide and watched 5 mins of Pursuit of Happyness.

Thats all.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Im in New Zealand.

I got here on Monday afternoon.

I miss Ryan.

Until I feel a little better, I will leave the "leaving, flying, landing" post for another day.

Just dont forget about me ok?