Monday, June 23, 2008

Lets try again....part 2

Ok, lets try again and see if the Blogger will let me update my pics!

Ok, here is my new hair - that I got done for free from my salon. They needed a "model" for someone who is still qualifying to do a colour exam on. I got to choose the colour and highlights, which was great! :-)

I also got new sunglasses :-)

I won a holiday in a radio competition a few months back, and we finally went for it the day after I got my hair done :-) It was down the coast - about an hour away and, as you can see, RIGHT on the beach!! We stayed in one of the bottom ones, so we walked out the door onto the sand...

The view from the sea right infront of our chalet, looking Aubrey would say..."wordless" :-)

Fun in the sand :-) xxx

I LOVE shadow photos and take them wherever and whenever I can!

I am really like a little kid when it comes to things like the circus and so, when it came to our area, I begged Ryan to take me.... I did all the things little kids at the circus to. I ate popcorn, candyfloss and chocolate and sweets :-) And drank Coke :-) I even had the guts to to up to the clown by the door and ask for a pic with him!! :-) Im so cool....and little.... :-)

We bought these little horns that flash and glow :-)

My best friend, Caryn is having her wedding shower this weekend and its a Pamper Party. Her and hubby to be are going to England next year to work, so she didnt want kitchen/house stuff. So, I made her a "Comforts for Caryn" basket, (to be used on the Honeymoon) Its filled with things that start with a "C" and I love it! I cannot wait to give it to her! Its got Candles, Cocktail mix, Cocktail glasses and Chocolate! (Its in a wicker basket with pink crepe paper and the bottom is FILLED with choc's!)

And my last news of the day (and certainly not least!!) is that I found the most gorgeous pair of shoes this weekend....there was ONE pair left..they were on SALE and they were MY size! I just had to take them home! (After paying for them first of course!)

Ok! Thats all for now!

Love Chell


Ok, here is goes...

Hello, again to all that frequent this Blog - commenters and lurkers alike :-)

I havent been updating this Blog like I should be, work has been HECTIC and its the only place I have access to the internet, so my blog has had to take a backseat for a little while...but, Im back and here comes a super-bumper Blog edition! :-)

First and foremost:

I have a pet hate/peeve that I need to get out the way first, before we get onto the interesting stuff.

I cannot handle grammar errors.

I just cannot.

They irriatate me to the point of madness.

There is a toilet downstairs at my office, where someone has stuck a notice on the wall, so when you sit on the loo, you have nowhere else to look, but at it.

I try and avoid that loo altogether because this grammar error grinds my bones beyond belief.

Can you see it?

Does it irritate you as much as me?

Or am I just crazy?

Ok. ok, now that thats out the way, let me tell you other things that have been happening in my busy (yet enjoyable) life...

I have recently discovered that monkeys have moved into the yard where my granny flat is in. They are cute, but very naughty and if you're not careful, they will climb into your window and steal whatever food they can see! Here is a little critter in the tree by my front door...

Ok, Im really cross now...something is wrong and I cant seem to upload anymore pics to my Blog! I had so many that I still needed to put up..ok, I will post this for now and try again later :-)

Enjoy, so long!

Chell x

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Its been awhile!

Good grief, I just realised that I have not filled my loyal blogger friends in on what I have been doing since the wonderful James Blunt concert!

Story 1 - My job entails going with my boss to whatever he decides I need to be at. Recently, this included an early morning train trip to Umlazi - a station where a huge number of little black children catch the train to get to school. Now, these kids are aged from 6 till about 13 and they travel by themselves all the way and have to be sure to get off at the right stop ect. Now, Waltons, the company I work for is wanting to get involved in that community and brand some train coaches with our branding. We also want to decorate the inside and give them some colouring in books and chalk boards to keep them busy while in the train.
It was amazing!
There was this adorable little 6 year old girl, Andiswa, latched onto me and wanted me to come to school with her, when I told her that I couldnt because I had to go to work, she then said that its fine, she will just come to work with me! I could have just squeezed her she was so cute!
This is what the standard Metrorail trains look like. (My dad used to drive these when he was in South Africa)

Story 2 - I got a new phone! I must say, I have NEVER had a new phone. I have always had someone elses hand me down phone, so I am so excited! Its the Samsung J750 - It has a camera, so all I need to do now is buy a cable and I can get the pics off the phone and onto my Blog!

Story 3 - We were at the bank at month end last month and it was SOOO busy. The lines were going out of the door - literally! While we were waiting we saw this adorable little boy who was probably about 3 or 4 years old. His dad was trying to speak to the cashier at the front of the line and the little chap was desperately trying to get his attention. The conversation went something like this:

Little boy: "Dad, dad, dad, daaad, daaaaad, DAD, DADDDY!"
Dad : **gives little boy a look that says BEHAVE!***

*****Little boy now spy's a little door at his eye level with a handle******

Little boy : ***opens and closes door a few times***
Little boy : At the top of his voice proclaims very matter-of-factly
"Dad, this must be the oven!"

It was so cute and innocent, he had the bank in such laughter!
Then, he sees a guy in a blue and white shirt, taps him on the back and asks:
"Are you a Policeman?"

Once again - whole bank in laughter!

Little kids are just too cute!

Story 4 - We went last week to go and see the movie "What happens in Vegas" It was sooooo good! I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to go and see it - we laughed so hard and it kept us entertained the entire time!

Oh yes, Ryan and I won a weekend away down the coast and I got my hair done (for FREE!), but I will leave that for tomorrows post! :-)

***Lauren, you and your family are in my prayers***

Love Chell x