Monday, June 23, 2008

Lets try again....part 2

Ok, lets try again and see if the Blogger will let me update my pics!

Ok, here is my new hair - that I got done for free from my salon. They needed a "model" for someone who is still qualifying to do a colour exam on. I got to choose the colour and highlights, which was great! :-)

I also got new sunglasses :-)

I won a holiday in a radio competition a few months back, and we finally went for it the day after I got my hair done :-) It was down the coast - about an hour away and, as you can see, RIGHT on the beach!! We stayed in one of the bottom ones, so we walked out the door onto the sand...

The view from the sea right infront of our chalet, looking Aubrey would say..."wordless" :-)

Fun in the sand :-) xxx

I LOVE shadow photos and take them wherever and whenever I can!

I am really like a little kid when it comes to things like the circus and so, when it came to our area, I begged Ryan to take me.... I did all the things little kids at the circus to. I ate popcorn, candyfloss and chocolate and sweets :-) And drank Coke :-) I even had the guts to to up to the clown by the door and ask for a pic with him!! :-) Im so cool....and little.... :-)

We bought these little horns that flash and glow :-)

My best friend, Caryn is having her wedding shower this weekend and its a Pamper Party. Her and hubby to be are going to England next year to work, so she didnt want kitchen/house stuff. So, I made her a "Comforts for Caryn" basket, (to be used on the Honeymoon) Its filled with things that start with a "C" and I love it! I cannot wait to give it to her! Its got Candles, Cocktail mix, Cocktail glasses and Chocolate! (Its in a wicker basket with pink crepe paper and the bottom is FILLED with choc's!)

And my last news of the day (and certainly not least!!) is that I found the most gorgeous pair of shoes this weekend....there was ONE pair left..they were on SALE and they were MY size! I just had to take them home! (After paying for them first of course!)

Ok! Thats all for now!

Love Chell



Elizabeth said...

First of all, the shoes are awesome!!! I'm a huge fan of black heels. I also love your new hair-and am totally jealous that I've never gotten a free style.

The most I've won from the radio is a gift certificate to some restaurant and some movie premier tickets. It would be nice to win a vacation. I'm a major contest player and am constantly changing the station at work according to what prizes I hear about on my way to work.

Chellie said...

okay, you're hair is beautiful and that is such a cool thing to win... I never win anything! :)

We love the circus too. We are going this weekend!

Love your beach pictures. We have the same shadow pictures and writing in the sand! We could be best friends!

Have you ever been to the U.S.? We gotta get you here for vacation! :)

Klin said...

I won tickets to a Journey concert tickets from the radio once.

I like really love those shoes. You have some awesome pics, too. THe shadow one is a fun idea.

Klin said...

I love free hair color. I get those on occasion, too.

Your coloring is fab.u.los.o

Jayci said...

all the pictures were so fun! The 'holiday' as you put it sounds lovely! I love how you talk.. or, write! I love 'hearing' how people from different locations in the world speak and use certain words. So fun! Your shoes are cute and the wordless picture is breathtaking!! mmm.. chocolates.. I need some! Good thing I got some m&ms yesterday from the store!

Jayci said...

oh and your hair looks nice! You are brave for volunteering. :) But it paid off.

CC said...

I won rainbow loomed potholders from a Library raffle once and that's about it.

LOVE your hair!!!

Unknown said...

ooh! i'm so jealous of your awesome beach vacation. and your hair looks lovely!!

catbomb said...

cool, thanks for stopping by my blog. i'll definately read yours regularly. the circus looked like so much fun! :)

Nancy Face said...

SO MANY fun and great things! You look beautiful with your highlights! The sunglasses are fun! It's INCREDIBLY fun that you won a trip to the beach! I always love pictures of sweet messages written in the sand...and the shadow picture is great! The circus sounds like a blast, and the horns are funny! The honeymoon basket you made is so pretty, and I agree about your new shoes...they ARE gorgeous! YAY! :D

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love your new hair!

I love that you won a trip to the beach!!! That is sooooo lucky!!

I love that you went to the circus and ate a bunch of good stuff!! What is candy floss? Is it like cotton candy?

I love that bridal shower basket!

PS...I fixed my link to my twilight blog. Thank you for the heads up!!!!

Super Happy Girl said...

What awesome beach pictures.
I don't know what your hair looked like before, but it's beatiful.

I LOVE those shoes.


I love the new design of your blog! I love the colors! And thats awesome that you won a free trip through a radio station.