Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess where I am..again :)

Yes..for those of you...*Aubrey*... who may have guessed correctly :) I am sitting in the First Class Lounge at Hong Kong International airport..again :)

This time though I was a little bit more sneaky..*insert little snicker here similar to Dr Evil in Austin Powers*

I still had my boarding pass from when I flew to NZ in December, that was stamped with a re-entry stamp for the, all I did was waltz past the front desk and wave my stamped ticket.....lucky for me the lady there was busy with someone else, so she didnt check the ticket too closely.....mwahahahahaha.... :)

So, i just had a shower and since I only have 2hrs till I take off for Johannesburg, I had better be heading off soon!

I have ANOTHER 10hr + flight ahead of me now..then another 1hr flight to Durban.. Right now its 22.00pm Hong Kong time on the 8th Feb..but my body is still on the Kiwi clock, and right now its wondering why Im still awake (and showering?) in the early hours of the 9th?

Im starting to hold thumbs from now that I get the new plane now as I can here on the old plane and the movie system was like something off the thumbs.

I still cannot believe that I will be on the Seabourn Spirit come Saturday..madness...

I think I should mention how CRAZY NERVOUS I am right about now...but also how excited I am!

Well, till I next have time to blog, inbetween cleaning things such as toilets and making things such as beds...Im off to the Boarding Gates!!!