Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok, here is goes...

Hello, again to all that frequent this Blog - commenters and lurkers alike :-)

I havent been updating this Blog like I should be, work has been HECTIC and its the only place I have access to the internet, so my blog has had to take a backseat for a little while...but, Im back and here comes a super-bumper Blog edition! :-)

First and foremost:

I have a pet hate/peeve that I need to get out the way first, before we get onto the interesting stuff.

I cannot handle grammar errors.

I just cannot.

They irriatate me to the point of madness.

There is a toilet downstairs at my office, where someone has stuck a notice on the wall, so when you sit on the loo, you have nowhere else to look, but at it.

I try and avoid that loo altogether because this grammar error grinds my bones beyond belief.

Can you see it?

Does it irritate you as much as me?

Or am I just crazy?

Ok. ok, now that thats out the way, let me tell you other things that have been happening in my busy (yet enjoyable) life...

I have recently discovered that monkeys have moved into the yard where my granny flat is in. They are cute, but very naughty and if you're not careful, they will climb into your window and steal whatever food they can see! Here is a little critter in the tree by my front door...

Ok, Im really cross now...something is wrong and I cant seem to upload anymore pics to my Blog! I had so many that I still needed to put up..ok, I will post this for now and try again later :-)

Enjoy, so long!

Chell x


CC said...

I think you should just make your own grammatically correct sign to replace that other one......preferably on something like brightly colored Hello Kitty paper.

Monkeys aren't a problem where I live. However, people acting like monkeys continue to plague the city.

Unknown said...

Toilets= plural

Klin said...

Uhm, sorry. That was me.

Unknown said...

um, i DESPISE grammatica or typographical errors. with a passion. so i understand entirely. i am constantly finding typos here and there in books and on websites. anyway. sorry about those sneaky monkeys who try to steal your food! crazy!

Unknown said...

and look at THAT?! i just typed grammatica. how lame am i? i tell people all the time, i'm really a good speller and all that, i just type too fast sometimes. retarded. that is me.

Chellie said...

yes, I get annoyed with that as well... yet, I type too fast sometimes and don't even catch my own mistakes... :(

cute little monkey.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love that monkey's steal your food! Well, not the fact that they take your food...but that they actually come in and take it! That is crazy funny.

Yes, that signed drives me crazy as well.

aurora said...

The only monkey around here is my little Nick!
Grammatical errors drive me crazy, too!

Elizabeth said...

I am a grammer freak too! I have to make the signs here, so I am always proof reading them a gazillion times to make sure they are appropriate. Crazy.

I wish we had monkeys here. They are totally cool, so I don't know what you're complaining about.

Nancy Face said...

I'm a grammar freak, too! :0

That monkey is so CUTE! :D

Jayci said...

toilet(s). Nice. Sorry about the stolen food! But at least it is a fun story to tell. Right? ha ha

catbomb said...

hahaha you're DEFINATELY not alone. i hate grammar mistakes!! especially rogue apostrophes. awww that monkey is adorable!