Friday, August 15, 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My last 4 days.

Since Sunday morning I have had a very God-filled few days.

I suppose I can say that it started when we arrived at church on Sunday morning and saw that there was a guest pastor to do the service.

His name is Lester.
He is amazing.

Actually, amazing doesnt really begin to describe this man of God.

He is from Australia and travels most of the year, preaching the gospel where the Lord leads him to. He was recently in Zimbabwe.

I cant explain it, but somehow I feel drawn to this man. Or rather, to hearing him speak the Word.

Normally we only go to the morning service on a Sunday.

This Sunday we went to the morning, as well as evening.

Then on Monday he spoke at our home group.

Tonight (Wed) he is going to be speaking at church again, and we are going.

Tomorrow night he will be there as well.

We will be there to.

There is something that touched my life when I heard him speak on Sunday morning. He had an altar call at the end of the service and he called people up who wanted to make a stand for "turning the world upside down" with the way they live their lives and the impact they make for Christianity. As I stood infront of the church with a few others who had come forward, I felt in my heart that from today, things were going to be different.

God put a message in my heart.

I was going to be different.

Since then, I have found that I have this amazing peace and sense of love in my heart. I cant explain it other than giving God the glory for it.

But, the best thing is that Ryan has been coming with me to listen to Lester and I can see the difference in him to.

This just makes this even better.

Lester is a very "in your face - tell is like it is" kind of preacher. He challenged the church on many issues and so many people went away feeling it.

From walking out of there I know that there is NO other God except for our precious Jesus Christ.

I know that the Bible is the ONLY source of information as well as guidance in my Christian walk.

And I now have such a desire to see the people of the world saved. Its like my heart is burning to see my fellow man saved and in Heaven one day.

If you havent prayed the sinners prayer and given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I urge you, speak to someone.

Maybe even me if you want to know more.

If there is anyone reading this that wants to know more about becoming a born-again Christian, please email me at and I will be happy to share my testimony and the way to the Lord with you.

God Bless.