Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today is the last day that I will be a 21 year old!

In a way, I am a little sad cos 21 is a pretty cool age to be, but on the other hand, I am glad to be growing up and expanding my horizons.

...Ok, that sounded like something straight out of Dr. Phil...

My apologies.

Anyways, the point is, Im excited for my birthday tomorrow, but not excited for what has to happen the day after.

We have our annual Sales awards and Conference on Saturday, which I single handedly organise and I am very stressed about it at the moment.

Here is basically what I have had to do since planning started a few months back:

Order and sort through a lot of vouchers that we are going to give as prizes
Hand make 190 invitations and send them all over the province
Hand make 38 menu cards to be on the tables
Hand make the Table number cards to be on a board when people walk in so that they can see what table they are sitting at
Put 190 people in groups for the tables according to branch
Put 190 people in groups to see what room they are sleeping in
Choose the venue
Choose decor
Choose the menu - taking into account any special dietary requirements
Choose the drinks
Choose the DJ
Choose the photographer
Choose frames for the award certificates
Choose guest speaker for morning event
Choose guest speaker for Sales Awards at night
Choose team building activity
Arrange payment for all of the above
Design 60 certificates
Print 60 certificates
Frame 60 certificates
Go and check out venue and run through programme
Organise transport for people from far away branches
Organise banners for entrance and hall
Organise week-end away for one of the prize winners
Send out memo and directions to all attending
Organise printed mugs as gifts for all attending
Buy and pack 190 bags of sweets to go inside mugs
Get T-shirt sizes from all branches and order T-shirts
Label and pack 190 T-shirts into gift bags
Pack 190 lanyards and pens into gift bags with T-shirts
Set everything up tomorrow night...yes, I have to go to the venue early...yes, I have to spend my birthday at work and then my evening working too.

Am I feeling sorry for myself?


Did I go and get flu on top of everything?


Should I go and eat some chocolate now?

Yes :)

***I want to end this post by remembering all the lives that were affected on this day in 2001. May the Lord hold those who lost loved ones, in His hands, now and always***

Love Chell


aurora said...

Wow! I wish you lived here to consult the next time I have to throw a party! Unbelievable. I am sure that it will all go well.
Hope that chocolate was delicious! And that you are recovering from the flu nicely.
Happy Birthday!

Megan said...

oh my goodness girly! ahhh so you mean i am OLDER then you ? :( sad. lol i am so used to being the young one since my hubby is 6 years older then me and most of my friends are at least 3 years older.

i can't believe you are taking on so much and sick! i would love to send you a get well/b-day card haha. feel better sweetie.

Chellie said...

Wow! You are totally awesome!! So sorry you got sick in the mist of it all!

Happy Birthday to you!!

Klin said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you've been able to kick the flu and that the chocolate helped.

Unknown said...

happy birthday!! i am sorry you are sick and so BUSY.

amy mo said...

You have the same birthday as my dad! I can empathize about the working on the birthday though. My last one was pretty much all business. But treat yourself to something amazing!

angiedunn said...

happy 22, yo!

dude: i thought i was busy! good luck with all your amazing adventures i'm learning about! you rock!

sorry you were fun @ all!

take care!

ps: don't worry, i love dr. phil. (:

Elizabeth said...

Can I come to the party, cause it sounds really good?! I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday! I hope it wasn't too stressful and that the party turned out to be a big hit! Update us after you've crawled out of your little hole of stress.

Nancy Face said...


I'm so sorry you got sick! :(

All that stuff you had to do sounded just unbelievable! I hope you felt better, and I hope all went well!