Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its me..again

Hello there.
Contrary to popular belief, due to the fact that I have not blogged for the amount of time that it takes a baby to develop in the womb.... I am still alive and have not been:

a) Been attacked by pirates whilst at sea

b) Gotten lost somewhere between SA and NZ on my numerous treks between the two.

c) Joined some obscure religious sect and given away all I own to the poor.

These reasons are only partly because:

a) I was in Italy and Greece...where there are a shocking lack of bearded men, flying flags of skulls and crossbones, shouting “Aye Matey!”

b) The airlines I fly seem to employ pilots that know the route pretty well.

c) I love my black stilettos and D&G bag a little too much.

Right. Now that we have cleared up the fact that I am still breathing in and out on a daily basis, let move on to what I have been doing (inbetween the breathing that is)


4 June: Joined the Seabourn Odyssey on her maiden voyage from Italy to Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey till flying back to SA on 17th September. Lost 11kgs and fitted into clothes found at the back of my cupboard – in the draw labelled “Loose weight dammit!!!”

September - December : Did nothing but shop, eat out with Ryan and generally be as absolutely lazy as possible after working everyday, 2 shifts a day for almost 4 months straight. Managed to find the 11kgs that I lost somewhere between here and Italy. Unfortunately. Seems as though weight has its own GPS system and can find you again. With alot more ease than you managed to lose it in the first place.

****6 November**** Got proposed to by the man of my dreams whilst on holiday in the mountains. Made me the happiest girl alive and gave me a ring that almost made my eyes fall out...seems as though November was a good month for the whole “dreams do come true” speech.
6 December : Got on a plane with many tears to spend Christmas with my family in New Zealand. Ryan will be joining me next month and I have never wished the time away so much in my life.

So, now that everyone knows what my 2009 was like, I will leave you to look forward to the next instalment, which Im hoping to entitle : “Things I will never understand about New Zealand”