Monday, November 24, 2008


Lauren often does a post as to why she is happy today.

Now its my turn.

The number one reason why Rochelle is happy today:


SHE IS GOING HOME TO NEW ZEALAND ON THE 29TH NOVEMBER!!!! (and yes, it takes an entire weekend to fly there, and yes, I have a 14hr transit in Hong Kong!)

God is beyond amazing. He has provided me with the means and money to buy a ticket to go home and see my family before I go on the ship next year.

The God I serve is truely awesome.

Thats about all I can manage to say for now..its hasnt really even sunk in yet.

PS: Its a complete surprise for my parents, so they have no idea I am almost on my way!!!!


aurora said...

Oh Chell! I am sooo happy for you. What a wonderful Christmas gift for you and your family.
God most definitely is good. {hugs}

Megan said...

i'm guessing your parents don't read your blog?! ha ha that is so wonderful that you are on your way home for the holidays woo hoo!!!

Unknown said...

hooray for you! that is an awesome reason to be happy today..and for the next two months! but, what a long flight...whew!

(: diana! said...

I'm so happy for you!
I'm so happy for you!

And slightly jealous now.

Fifi said...

Hi Chell
great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

When you say you're going home,.... does that mean you have been here in SA on a holiday?
And what ship are you voyaging out on?

Unknown said...

Aww what a beautiful picture, I'm going home to my parents on the 9th December, can't wait either!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome!!! I didn't realize you were from New Zealand. What are you doing in South Africa then? Man, I am so jealous. You just can't get that kind of scenery here in the states.

amy mo said...

EEK! I'm so happy for you! I had no idea South Africa was so far from New Zealand. But now that I look at the internal map in my head that makes sense. It'll be SO worth it though!

phil said...


Hannahkin said...


go, God ;)

i fly to the USA next week Saturday... it takes 28 hrs, and four flights, with about 14 hours layover altogether. I AM SO EXCITED!!! so i know exactly how you feel ;)

Nancy Face said...

I am SOOO very happy for you! :)

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