Saturday, January 31, 2009



Ok, this seriously feels as though its happening to someone else and Im just telling you their story.

I get on a plane in New Zealand next Sunday (8th Feb)
I get to South Africa on Monday (9th Feb)
I fly to Singapore on Thursday (12th Feb)
I arrive in Singapore on Friday (13th Feb)
I start working on the Seabourn Spirit on Saturday (14th Feb)

I work for 4 months aboard it, going to Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Greek Isles and Venice...just to mention the ones I remember from the itinerary I was sent yesterday.


Just to fill you all in... :)


Unknown said...

Lucky! I worked for Iberia Airlines and got to go all over Spain and even to Paris, but you get to go to all those places. Take lots of pictures! :-D

Also: do you know I've never been on a cruise? I'm dying to go on one.

Klin said...

I will expect pictures and details.

Have fun while you are working.

Wish I was a on a cruise. . .it's been too long.

Unknown said...

I have a little somethin'-somethin' for you. Come get! :-D

Unknown said...

holy smokes. it sounds crazy but FUN!

Chellie said...

Sounds good to me! If I was young and childless I'd be there with you. :) Be safe and enjoy yourself. I hope you can keep us updated.

Megan said...

i am jealous. there you go i said it! i mean yes that does sound a little tiring...but soooooo awesome! pick me up a souvenir. ?! ha ha. SOME day i'll make it on a cruise.

aurora said...

Unbelievable! wow. sounds amazing.
Be safe, Little Chickie and post when you can.

Heather said...

How exciting. It's all coming together so quickly!

Nancy Face said...

It all sounds so EXCITING!!!

Jayci said...

what an adventure!! I hope you take so many pictures your finger gets sore!!! :D I want to see them all!

Mars said...

Wow that sounds SO EXCITING & something I would love to do. Fill us all in & we need PICTURES! :)

Anonymous said...

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