Monday, May 26, 2008

I am so super excited!!!

I am so excited I can barely sit still in my chair and do the mountains of work piled around my desk...

In exactly 6 and a half hours I will be standing at the Juventus grounds watching James Blunt!!!


Ryan is going to buy me some nice munchies and bring a picnic blanket (because he is such a sweetie) with when he picks me up from work and takes me to the concert. I will be there a full 2hrs beforehand so that I can be sure to be first in line so I can get as close as possible to the front.

I am all for yelling and singing along right in the front.

I will be going to the concert all on my own, as everyone else bailed out last minute...but it doesnt phase me in the least...I am going to see James Blunt!!!

I wonder if he has any idea how much I love his music...
I wonder if he knows that I know every word to every song...
I wonder if he knows that I bought the ticket on the very first day they went on sale, 26th January 08.
I wonder if he knows that I dont mind sitting outside the gate, alone for 2hrs so I can be up front.....


He doesnt know any of these things actually.

But I dont care.


Ok, thats enough out of me for now.

I will post pics in the morning :-)

But, heres a gorgeous one off the net for now...just to get the tastebuds going...


Nancy Face said...

Very nice eyes! ;)

Have the best time ever! Wait...what am I saying? OF COURSE you will, yay! :D

Chellie said...

wow! Awesome! I'd totally go with you if I was there!!! :)

angiedunn said...


thanks for stoppin' by my crazy blog! good to e-meet ya!

your blog is so cute. i'm very jealous that you are goin' to james his music too.

have a happy day!

amy mo said...

Cool! I love going to concerts. His song "Beautiful" or "You're Beautiful" (sorry, I don't know what it's called) is mine & my friend's "song", haha. Have fun!!

aurora said...

Can't wait to hear all about it! You'll have a blast. I just know it!

Unknown said...

oooh lucky! i hope you had an awesome time at the concert! you rock for going solo to a concert. i'm not sure i could do that..