Monday, May 19, 2008

Rugby Fever!!

Well, now that was a game and a half!

What I'm talking about of course is the rugby game between the Sharks and Chiefs on Saturday night here in good ol' Durbs.

I was lucky enough to get box tickets...meaning our company got a private little "room" with a bar and food to watch the rugby from. Oh, and its got an AWESOME view and aircon...something you most certainly need in Durban weather!

Since you might not have seen the game, I'm going to let you know what happened...


Even though they played a New Zealand team, I wasnt interested in anything but seeing my beloved Sharks take the game. And that they certainly did! Sharks 47 Cheifs 25.

I yelled so much that I was sure I wouldnt have a voice left on Sunday morning...

For those of you who dont know exactly who the Sharks are, let me introduce you to 2 of my favourites below.

My all time best, Francois Steyn (who I got to meet and got an autograph from last week - I was on a high for the rest of the evening!!)
He had his 21st birthday last week - but unfortunately due to injury he couldnt play this week.

Francois in action in his Springbok colours...

I was soooo super impressed when I got his autograph, because he had just played the game and hurt his rib, and yet he still smiled and said "No problem" when I asked him to sign the ticket. Needless to say, I could have melted right there and then...

Another one of my fav's. Bismarck Du Plessis - He played this week and was one of the try scorers, to which I exclaimed (quite loudly I might add) "Bismarck you Biscuit!!!"

Don't ask...

Now, because of our amazing win, we go through to the Semi-Finals!! They will play on the weekend in Sydney, Australia.

Yes, for those of you wondering, I will be yelling loudly from the comfort of my living room. I will advise the neighbours accordingly.

I'm nice like that.


aurora said...

Sounds very exciting!

I am not a big sports fan, but watching anything live is always fun for me.

I am glad that you are going to warn your neighbours!

Chellie said...

Good excuse to go to Sydney, ehe?

So... is Chell short for something or is that your name... 'cause my Chel is short for something, but I don't see Chel(l) too often, if ever.

Unknown said...

this sounds like SO much fun! i love watching sports and getting excited!

amy mo said...

Oh wowie, those boys are cuuuuute! I woudln't mind watching them play, haha.

CC said...

I own a few rugby shirts. Does that count for anything?

Nancy Face said...

It doesn't hurt that those players are cute, huh? ;)

Chellie said...

Hey Chell, email me at chell8 at gmail dot com and I'll add you to my list. It will explain why I went private...

Busy Bee Lauren said...

That action shot of Francois makes him look like Peter from Narnia. Peter is bomb!


Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Its nice to receive blog comments. Ill have to check out your blog from time to time also.

Chellie said...

hey, notice it's 2 l's not just one, that is why it didn't work. I usually go by. your probably used to seeing it with one, but it's 2.

chell8 at gmail dot com

Hannahkin said...



hi, Chell! :)

let me explain why i'm commenting on a post from... well, a long time ago. as it so happens, a little while ago i got addicted to Lauren's blog. then i discovered YOUR blog. and then i discovered that you live in Durban, South Africa... oh yeah!

i happen to live...erm... a couple hours to the north of you, in a klein dorpie :) so, i got really excited (it's not often that you run into people who live so close to you, online!) and decided to read half of your blog... tonight :P

then i discovered your post about rugby! and our dear hearts, the Sharks :) and i almost started screaming, but stopped myself when i remembered that it was 10:20 PM and my dad would likely kill me if i did so. so i thort, let me comment instead! and so i did :)

and here is what i WANTED to say:

eeee! Frans Steyn and Bismarck are for sure two of the BEST looking males, as in e-v-e-r! (plus, they're talented.... that's a bonus ;) ) you have good taste :) i have added Charl McLeod to the list... what thinketh you of him? *WARNING: i am likely to get very defensive if you say something bad about him. just warning ya ;)*

that's all :) have a rad week!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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