Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The concert...

Well, I am sure you are all waiting with bated breath to hear how the James Blunt concert went hey?

Ok, ok, I will tell you! :-)

Ryan picked me up after work and once again amazed me with his thoughtfulness...he really is the best. He had bought me some goodies to eat at the concert. But, not just any goodies. My favourite of each of the following things:

Fav pastry - Steak pie and sausage roll

Fav Choc - Cadbury's Whole nut slab

Fav Sweets - Jube Jubes

Fav Chips - Ghost Pops

and Sprite to drink!

Then, I was off!

I arrived at 5pm and joined the line of people already there and got comfy on the pavement outside the event :-)

They opened the gates just before 6pm...but heaven decided to open its gates aswell....

The rain was so bad that it looked as though I had jumped into a swimming pool and got out without drying off!

I learnt something that night though.

I could either be like so many of the people around me and moan and complain, or, I could put my face up to the sky and laugh - which is what I did! ( I must tell you the reason for the laughter, was because there has not been an outdoor concert in Durban where it hasnt poured with rain!)

There were actually so many people who went home, which I completely didnt understand. I mean, they are wet, cold and without a concert...I am wet, cold and with one! Surely thats the better option? Well, I thought so at least!

Since I was there on my own I made friends with the group of people sitting infront of me. (Such are we South Africans, we make friends everywhere, my fav is in the queue at the shopping mall)

They were really sweet and we had a good laugh at the rain and the fact that I had to wring my hair as well as the towel I was sitting on out! (Ps : Dont wear a woollen coat in the rain and it holds the water!!!)

The concert was 45mins late in starting because they had to wait for the pouring rain to die down to a drizzle (which took 3hrs...) Then, the support act, Josie Field came on. She was really good - Google her and listen to some of her stuff..."10 years" is super!

Then, at long last, amidst screams (from me) of "JAMES!!!!".....he eventually came on.

Oh. My. Word.

He was beyond awesome!! And totally worth waiting in the rain from 6 till 9pm!! He sang pretty much every song off his new album, and the favourites off his previous one, and did 3 songs for the encore!!

I am still trying to get the pics off my camera (keep forgetting) and then I will post them along with one of the many videos that I took. Wow. Wow. Wow. I would so do it all over again! (rain and freezing cold weather included!)

A HUGE fan...Chell


aurora said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a great time-- even with the rain! ☺
Kudos to the BF who bought all of your faves. Yum!
Glad you had such fun. ♥

Nancy Face said...

Wow...your boyfriend really treats you GREAT! :)

I'm glad you had so much fun! I was amused about the woolen coat...once I was at an outdoor concert in the late fall in the rain, and the woolen coat I was wearing didn't do me any good, either, haha! :D

Chellie said...

yum! meat pies and sausage rolls... we love that sort of stuff! It was brought known to me from my husband who is an Aussie... I guess it's popular in SA too?! Pasties are our favorite!

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm glad!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm not a huge James Blunt fan but even I have to concede that I LOVE that song, 1973.

I'm cheap. If I pay good money to do something then it's going to take a lot more than rain to drive me away.

Glad you had fun. I may not be a big fan of James' music but I still think he's hawt!

Unknown said...

hooray! i'm so glad you had a nice time. you are a die hard fan, girl! i love your optimistic attittude towards the rain and not allowing it to ruin your evening. you are awesome!

amy mo said...

It's definitely a sign that you're a true fan if you're willing do all of that! I wouldn't mind the rain so much, but the coldness is a different issue.

I don't know what some of that food is, but it sounds pretty good!

amy mo said...

Oh ya, I loooooove Cadbury chocolate. I've never had that kind, but Easter can't be complete without Cadbury carmel eggs. And Caramellos? Yum!

Methodical Wormer said...

wow, you are DEDICATED! James Blunt is awesome that is really cool you got to go to his concert. I'm not so sure I would have endured what you did but I'm glad you still had a great time!