Friday, October 3, 2008

Here I go again, oh oh, how can I resist you?

I was born in the wrong era.


I should have been born in the 1960's.

I would have had been able to see ABBA when they were still around and performing.

That would have been

I am a huge ABBA fan and the last 2 weeks have been jam packed with them.

Last Tuesday we went to the Barnyard Theatre and watched Dancing Queen, which was a live performance, with tributes to ABBA and Queen. Wow. I sang and when they let us get up and dance...I shook what my mamma gave me.

Then, I have been DYING to go and see Mamma Mia at the cinema since it came out.

Ryan and I went and saw it last night.


The whole cinema was singing to the songs and at the end the place actually broke out in clapping! I have never been to a movie where that happens before.

That has got to be in my top 3 movies of all times.


no lies.

I came out there feeling like I was on the top of the world.

Singing...dancing...laughing to the car.

Ryan just laughed along with me.

Ok, maybe he laughed at me.

But thats ok, because I LOVED IT!!!

If you havent seen it.



You still here?

I said go people! You will come out there a happier person because of it.

Sidenote: I think the ABBA people should pay me for this review.

Sidenote 2: I will be buying this this afternoon.


Lynese Morris said...

Thanks for this write up. i will make every effort to see it. It sounds like my knid of movie.

Nancy Face said...

Would you believe I haven't seen it yet? But I me! :D

Klin said...

I love ABBA. I was around in the 70's though.

Bravo Bentley said...

i haven't seen this yet either... I am not sure why but after your review and pleasant disposition on it I will for sure chell! Nancy face I see a mesa arizona screening night in order for all of the mesa residents who haven't yet ha ha

Unknown said...

oh chell i LOOOOOOOVED this movie. i saw it twice. the second time was with a bunch of girlfriends and we got up during the closing credits and danced all over the theater. i will buy this movie. it is AWESOME. so glad you loved it..i want to BE ABBA. woo-hoo.

Chellie said...

I haven't seen it.. but I will. And ABBA is pretty cool. :)

Jayci said...

their music is way good. :) the woman I sit next to at work is playing ABBA quite often and she and I always dance and laugh. I actually HAVEN'T seen Mamma Mia yet... I know. what is WRONG with me?!

But I will.. sometime. :) Glad you had such an extraordinary time!

Rox said...

I LOVED Mamma Mia, have seen in 3 times!!! I agree with you - i was def born in the wrong era!! I love old music!!! Give me abba or Prince anyday!! :-) thanks for your comment on my blog!! it is nice meeting people from KZN!! :-) have a blessed week ahead!! God Bless :-)

CC said...

Okay, my oldest LOVED this movie so much I'm going to be buying her the soundtrack for Christmas.

My mom saw the stage production. She said the movie version pales in comparison to a live performance. Sadly, renting the DVD from the Dollar Box is within my budget. Dropping a minimum of 50 bucks per stage ticket is not.

CC said...

We made fun of Pierce Brosnan's sinking "skills" throughout the show. Yeah, James Bond Goes Karaoke will not be a big blockbuster hit.

CC said...

Oh, and I went to watch a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show where people talked back to the screen and threw popcorn and stuff. I can see that Mamma Mia has a bright future for taking over the Rocky Horror midnight showing slot.

Around here they also show Sound Of Music at midnight to raucous (mostly gay) crowds.

CC said...

My favorite ABBA song is "Knowing Me, Knowing You."

Unknown said...

I totallly loved Mamma Mia, I can't imagine how it would fail to put a smile on anyone's face - saying that, when I went there were only 4 men in the whole cinema

Elizabeth said...

I really had no desire to see Mama Mia-a little too cheezy for my taste-but now that I've read yours and all the other comments about it, I just may need to go grab my best friend and see take her with me. I do love ABBA though. One of my old bosses used to play this all the time at one of my previous jobs. I really LOVE that type of music!

Mars said...


angiedunn said...

this is what i keep hearing...guess i better go! (:

Megan said...

so i never heard ... did you get that job or not? hopefully you did and i am not pouring acid on a open womb. lol. let me know girly!