Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I just don't know.

I suppose the title says it all.

I have had to tell the people at work, including my boss about my job on the cruise ship.

I didn't do it until last week because I wasn't sure of when I was going to join and didn't want to jeprodise my job or make him upset that I was leaving.

Then, he called me in and asked me what my plans were for next year as he needed to plan ahead, especially because the other lady I am a PA for is going on maternity leave at the end of Nov. So, I had to be honest and tell him that I wouldn't be here next year and that I would most probably be gone before this year is out.

It went alot better than I thought it would. He was happy for me and encouraged me to follow through with it as it was an amazing oppurtunity...blah blah get the picture. "You're young and free, do it now before you settle down"......

So, I have been feeling fine since then.

Today they interviewed (and found) the lady thats going to replace me.

I didnt think it would affect me as much as it did. Don't get me wrong, she is amazing. Tall, blonde and beautiful with a brain to boot. But, when she left, everyone carried on about how amazing she was. And pretty. And talented. And what an asset she was going to be. And how because she was married with a house ect, that she wouldn't up and leave after a short time.

That hurt.

I felt like standing on the desk and yelling : " The current employee is still in the room PEOPLE!"

I don't think they meant for it to hurt me as they are nice people who I get along with and who value me. But I really think that alot more tact could have been used. If they wanted to go on and on about her, couldnt they have waited till I was out the room?

Maybe Im being over emotional about it. But it hurt none the less.

She starts in November and I will probably still be here.

Not sure how I will be feeling then.

Will be sure to let you know.

Am I just being silly or do I have a right to feel like this?


aurora said...

Oh no, Chell! That's awful! You have every right to feel hurt. Those comments were tactless and rude.
The main thing is that it went well with your boss and because you have been replaced you shouldn't have the guilt that you might have had.

Unknown said...

Oh no! Yeah I completley agree with Aurora, they really shouldn't have been saying that kind of thing when you were around, you're not doing anything wrong, like your boss said, you've got to take these opportunities when you don't have any ties. Good luck!

Nancy Face said...

No, you're not being silly at all! I think it would be difficult for ANY woman to be in a situation such as that. I'm sure no one meant to hurt you, but sadly, they were being quite thoughtless about your feelings.

It probably would have been very different if your coworkers had thought to praise you for all the good things you've accomplished there, and if they had talked about how you will be the same time they were discussing the talents of the new employee.

Unfortunately, people often forget about others' feelings as they let words tumble out of their mouths. I'm so sorry you feel hurt. You are sweet and wonderful! Here's a big hug for you. (((((CHELL)))))

Klin said...

I probably would've asked them what they were going to say about me after I was gone. You know, just to remind them that I was still there.

So sad that they didn't think about that. You will still post whilst on the cruise ship, right? I look forward to reading about your adventures. I am excited for you.


Heather said...

Ouch! It's no fun feel replaced.

Bravo Bentley said...

I agree that was not nice, and you have every right to feel the way you do! : o ) but no worries you are awesome and we love you! Respect you! and Care about you.

Jayci said...

I sure think you have a right to feel like that!! I hate it when people through tact out the window. I'm sorry you had to feel so crummy at work. But what your boss said is so true - have a great time in whatever is before you!! I think it sounds like SO much fun. You will enjoy yourself and get more experiences with new and different people. I'm excited for you!!

Megan said...

dear sweet chell! first off i would love to give you a big hug!

secondly... you should have just cleared your throat very loud "ahem" and then ripped them to shreds. okay maybe not... but honestly they weren't very considerate of your feelings and that is not cool. i would have felt the same way. in fact i think i have had similar expriences.

however i am sure they do love you and ARE going to miss you. look to the future. when you are cruising around you will think "boo-ya!". until then keep positive and know that you are loved.

oh and wait a minute you are a PA? i had no idea. what do you do? i mean where do you work? hospital or office... anyway doesn't matter it's cool!

amy mo said...

If I was in that situation I would feel the exact same way, but probably even worse! I would just try to focus on moving on though, and what your new fun job will have in store. You'll feel much better if you do!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ugh! How mean! That is so rude. And, I can't believe they are having her start before you leave. That makes me sad for you.

You are amazing!

Chellie said...

I think those people are just excited about a good new employee, as they are hard to fine. It has nothing to do with you personally. Yes, I think they could have been more careful how they said things and when they said it, but they probably didn't think of the effect it had.
They will miss you when you go, no doubt about that!

Hannahkin said...

hah! you know what we need in this situation? we need No Cool Story's Betty. she'd walk right up to your fellow employees and say in a cool voice, "yes. she is nice. and you can remember to tell her how nice she is when she starts working here. now tell Chell she is also nice, and beautiful, and deserving of praise, because she is. or else no cookie for you." *sigh* Betty rocks.

honestly though, i don't think they meant to offend you... or else they are super duper meanies and i want to pull some of my groovy ninja moves on them. they'd also be incredibly lame and dumb to not appreciate you - after your post on September 11th, i'm left thinking that anyone who thinks you don't work hard and deserve praise for it is crazy!

Chell, you're awesome - don't let anyone make you feel otherwise :) i'm so excited for your cruise ship experiences to be documented!!


CC said...

I get a little over sensitive at stuff like that too. It's natural. Just try to tell yourself that they're mentally trying to break the bond with you now so it won't be too painful for them in a few months. :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, you know that once she starts, they'll be picking her apart behind her back and you'll get to sit in on the gossip and think to yourself, "gee, how are they ever going to survive without me?!" New people are always criticized behind their backs. Just bite your tongue until then and know that once you leave, they'll be wishing you were back. It's hard to fill somebody else's shoes and it will be challenging for the new girl to fill yours, espceially once you're no longer there to help her out. Or if you want, you can just play kick boxing with her in your mind. *BAM*-and the new girl falls flat on her pretty little blonde headed face!***RAH-the crowd cheers!*Can you hear them Chell? Can you hear them?***(sigh)