Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whats Mac-happening lately?

Ok, the title is a little dumb, but someone I know always asks me this and when he says it it sounds sweet... as in Mac-Donalds...Mac-Chicken...ect ect ect blah blah blah.

Because the company I work for dont pay me NEAR enough to actually live on, I have to find extra jobs on the weekend to do. A good one is to do Promotions for companies. Like, this weekend I worked the whole weekend.

6hrs on Sat and 6hrs on Sun.

In 9 inch heels.


You can imagine how my feet were screaming at me to SIT DOWN!!! But, alas I could not as Sunsilk was paying me to stand and say : " If you buy any 2 Sunsilk products today, you get a free awesome, hot pink journal! "....with LOADS of enthiusiasm of course and a huge smile on my face...while all the while my feet are vowing never to speak to me again.

Ok, my feet dont actually speak, but you catch my drift Im sure.

Anyways, back to my point. When doing these promotions, you need to go for some basic training and wear what they tell you to wear. Normally its jeans and a company T-shirt and I can live with that. But, this time it was not.

This time it was this:

You cant see the heels in this pic, but believe me, they were there.

And I have the blisters to prove it.

Ok, next story.

You see this cat?

My terrible-excuses-for-human-beings-neighbours moved out and left this little darling behind. I know, its shocking. So, when he came begging at my door for food, I fed him.

And named him Max. Dont ask me why, but he just looked like a Max.

But, this guy can eat. Oh my word. I have gone through so much cat food and I can assure you, cat food isnt cheap. Especially not with the SA Rand falling so much. Its shocking. There has been a few times where I didnt have any cat food left and Max ate my left-overs. Not that he minded at all. Well, thats Max for you in a nutshell. Ok, not a nut shell really, but again, you kinda know what I mean?

Lastly...its this awesome womans birthday today. She is one of my best friends from school and she got married in July. I love her to bits and hope she has a day thats as amazing as she is.

Thats about all from me for now.

Oh, and Im getting flu.

Yay. Oh joy. Runny noses and sore throats really do it for me.



Randi said...

9 inch heels? Just shoot me now. I can't even do 3 or 4 inch heels anymore.
I guess I'm getting old...

Randi said...

But you look really hot in that dress. Which sounds kinda creepy, but "You look nice" didn't really seem to cover it.

Heather said...

Whoo on the heels for 9 hours... madness!

Cute cat, sorry he's a bottomless pit.

Megan said...

wow look at you hottie :p um i reallllly think you need a picture of the heels. i want to see those bad boys. i don't think i have ever in my life worn that tall of shoes. but it would be pretty awesome. well for the first 2 minutes. at least i could look down at my husband for once in my life :)

aurora said...

Definitely want a picture of the heels!
Cute kitty; can't believe he was left behind.
Sorry that you are getting the flu! Take care of yourself; plenty of rest, fluids and OJ. :-)

angiedunn said...

do 9 inch heals exist???

i'm not even a cat fan, and i think max is the cutest little guy.

fun update post!

Chellie said...

9 inch heels? I didn't even know there was such a thing. I wouldn't have been able to walk in them!!! :)

You look hot in that dress! I love it! Doesn't look like a work outfit to me! It looks more like HAWT date.

Cute cat. Thanks for taking care of him. I feed a cat (but he is a wild stray) every night at 6:30 and he just waits for me every night at 6:30. He won't let me get close to him, but I know he loves me. :)

Your friend is beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!

Klin said...

Heels! Blech! I, too, wanna see 'em.

But dang girl. You and that dress are made for breaking hearts.

Max is a Max looking kinda cat.

We only feed our monsters . . . cats twice a day. No matter how much they beg and whine or meow.

Rox said...

Oh my word 9 inch heels!!! I would have died! :-) you poor thing!
Your Max looks so cute!! Yip cat food is expensive!! We have a cat too - that we adopted as well (LONG story!!) But we love him!
Happy Birthday to your friend!!
God Bless

Help I need a user name! said...

9??? Inch???? Heels????

Really??? I can barely do 2 inch heels. I hope they paid you really, really well.

Love Max!! I have a yellow lab named Max. He looks like a wonderful cat. You are buying the dry cat food in the bag, yes?

Elizabeth said...

Hey Miss Hottie!!! I totally sympathize with you on the heels. I wear standard heels to work every day and I have another pair that are a little taller, but my favorite. It kills me to wear them sometimes, but fashion has a price, right?! Sounds like a fun job though. Did you get to keep the dress??

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Cutest dress of my freakin life! I am with everyone else...we need to see the heels.

Mars said...

My advice to you...go get a lovely pedicure! That's what I do :) And that dress is super cute! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Yo.. Im really happy to be here and to read your site.. im still laughing at the secrets of waxy womanhood illustrated in your previous post.. :-) gals! iv got new respect for the bald peach look.. i really mean that.. :-) Trust you have a Big Mac Day! Steve

Hannahkin said...

Sunsilk must have sold some HECTIC amounts of hair products!! i Don't Do heels. just another reason i'm glad that i've decided to wear flats - pink chucks, in fact! - to my matric dance. in... a year and a half. hah!

you look muy guapa. and i should quit pretending i can speak spanish.

Hanny <3 Max!

Unknown said...

that dress is totally cute. and even cuter with you in it! i would shoot myself if i had to wear nine inch heels..that is insane woman!! hope your feet are feeling better!

Nancy Face said...

You look GORGEOUS in that dress! :)

Nancy Face said...

WHAT? 9 inch heels? :0

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