Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Even writing this makes me feel like I want to be sick.

My teacher at High School, Mrs Lotter and her husband were murdered at their home on Saturday night.

He was strangled and she was stabbed to death in her chest.

You are probably asking, can this get any worse?


It can.

And it does.

They got a confession of the murder from her 20 year old son, 26 year old daughter and her boyfriend.

They had first created a story about how it was an armed robbery that went wrong, but the police discovered too many holes in their stories and uncovered the truth. They are going to appear in court today.

This woman was amazing. She was so calm, so caring and so giving.

Whats worse, is that she used to bring pictures to school of her kids - she was so proud.

She has 3 children. The middle child (a daughter) is studying in another province (Cape Town)

How must she be dealing with this?

If and when a child loses his/her parents, they would turn to the siblings.

Who does she turn to now?

Its disgusting.

Since I was Head Girl and in her Matric class in 2004, I am going to give a Tribute to her at the memorial service being held at the school on Monday 28th July.

I am going to try and look past everything and focus on the woman she was.

I want to read a poem aswell.
Something about beauty and grace...
If anyone has any poems that they think would be appropriate, please can you send them to me.

Please keep the rest of the family and the daughter left behind in your prayers.


Megan said...

that is just awful. i can't even imagine losing someone i know to murder. it's hard enough when someone we know dies by feak accidents, old age or illness. but this? i am so sorry. i am proud of you for having the courage stand up infront of so many people who cared abouter her and give a tribute. you are brave. i can't think of any poems but i know you will find what you are looking for. i'll pray for her family.

aurora said...

That is horrific! I can't even believe the sick things that go on in this world. I feel so sad for the daughter. Heartbreaking.
I am glad that you are going to pay a tribute to her. No one can take away the person that she was, the life that she led, the people that she touched or the happy memories that she left behind.
If I think of an appropriate poem, I will pass it along.

I am so sorry, Chell.

Colleen said...

hey sis i cant believe wat happened to mrs lotter!!! thats just absolutly crazy!!!!u have to keep me posted with more info like wat was there motives and stuff??? I will post some pics of my car and farm and stuff soon. the batteries are flat on the camera, and we keep forgetting to buy more! lol. but dont worry i will get around to it. have u seen my new photos on facebook? the ones of us in the snow? it was soo awesome!!! i love the snow!!!

Nancy Face said...

Oh Chell, I am so very sorry. It just broke my heart to read this. I'm so proud of you for being willing to give the Tribute to her at the memorial service. The words that you will share will surely come from your heart, and they will be a comfort to many who are hurting along with you. I don't know of a poem, but I hope you can find one that feels right to you.

I will be praying for her daughter, and for you. God will help you through this. Here's a big hug for you. (((((CHELL)))))

Mars said...

that is horrible. I'm so sorry. My thoughts & prayers are with everyone. It makes me sick to think of things like this happening to such good people.

Jayci said...

that is sickening. I am so sorry for her kind daughter. That poor girl. I am so sorry for her and her husband. Those children are horrible, and I don't even know what else to say. It is just sickening. Their daughter and you will be in my prayers. I'm so sorry, Chell.

Chellie said...

Oh goodness. So sorry... so tragic. My prayers are with you.

Unknown said...

oh my gosh, chell. i hope everything went okay today. i am sorry i have been out of the loop and am just now reading this. huge, huge ((hugs)) to you and everyone close to her. i will be praying for your comfort. i am sorry.