Monday, July 7, 2008

A tribute to my little sister

My dearest Colleen, or Ninin as you are known to us :)

Today is your 20th birthday. 20 years ago, a very skinny little baby with big "googly" eyes entered our world and the family of 3 became 4.

Throughout our childhood years, you were my best friend. You were always so quiet and calm, and I was always loud and unruly. You always let me pick the game and play it the way I wanted to. I realise that now, and want to say thank you.

We spent many hours on the bedroom floor playing "Puppy in my pocket" and many other games like that. We would spend the whole day in our own little world. Remember when other kids came to the gate and wanted to play, we told Mommy to tell them we weren't home so that we could carry on just playing our game :)

We would do everything together.

Remember days on the beach? When dad would dive and we would play all sorts of games until he came out?
Remember pretending the rocks in the surf were our boats?
Remember playing Baywatch at the Tidal Pool?

Our childhood years were such happy ones. Even though our family hardly had any money, we were happy and content. We didnt have the coolest clothes or the latest toys, but we played anyway and loved every minute of it. We made toys and games out of anything we could find.
Remember playing "vet" and carting ALL our animals out to the garage and pretending to make them better?
Remember making our "dog-food pie" and baking it in the sun? And how the dogs enjoyed eating it off Mommy's kitchen spoons?

Some of my favourite memories come from when we would bring new pets home and hide them in the outside room so Daddy didnt see...
Remember when the big fluffy hamster crawled in behind the cupboard and we eventually had to tell Dad about him so that he could come and get him out?

Yes, we also had our childhood arguments, but the good memories completely outweigh the bad.

As we got older, things changed a little bit. We werent as close as when we were little and we realised the world was alot bigger and badder than we had thought. We went through tough patches, but somehow always found our way back to each other.

Then, in 2005, our world was turned upside down when our parents made the decision to immigrate.

You all went and I stayed behind. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. But, at the time I thought it was for the best. You guys set up home in New Zealand and started a new life. I struggled to cope with my old one. I came there, I went back...countless times. But, you were strong, you made new friends and adapted to the Kiwi way of life. I battled to understand how you could have forgotten about our home so quickly. But, as the years went by, I began to understand that you hadnt forgotten, you had just taken the memories, stored them in your heart and embraced a new chapter in your life. Im sorry for holding that against you sis.

Then, something terrible happened. You got involved in things you shouldnt have and I was far far away. Our family was almost torn apart and I was helpless to stop it.

But, months later, you turned everything around, rededicated your life to the Lord and started over. Now, you are one of the most committed and strong Christians I know and I truely look up to you. Because of you, Daddy is a new person and we are a happy family, focused on God again. We are more blessed now than we have ever been in our entire lives. We are just going from strength to strength.

Thank you for being such a wonderful sister.
Thank you that even though we only see each other once a year, we still know that we are there for each other.
Thank you for the words of guidance
Thank you for being an example to our family and others.
Thank you for sending me a message, telling me that you wish I would come home.

I am so proud of you and tell everyone about your achievements.

You are awesome.

I love you.

My sister is an airhostess for Air New Zealand. She is the 2nd one from the right (the pretty one!) Below are some pics of her and of us, just having fun in New Zealand :)

Colleen on her graduation:

Colleen posing on the farm :)

Us posing in our new Christmas jammies :)

Us at Rainbows End amusement park


tharker said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Please, feel free to read anytime! I've seen your comments a few times on Lauren's too. I can't believe I'm conversing with someone all the way in South Africa!! That's just so cool.

Now on to more important things.

This tribute to your sister, oh my goodness! It was beautiful. I never had a sister. Reading your memories of your childhood together was so touching. I have one daughter, and two sons. Needless to say, my daughter REALLY wants a sister (can ya blame her!) and I hope that she is able to finally have one so that she can have the kind of relationship that you described here. Beautiful!

Happy Birthday to your sister!

Nancy Face said...

That was the most wonderful post! I loved reading about your childhood together! :)

How could so much beauty be in one family? :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Awww...that was such a beautiful post! I loved reading about everything you and Colleen did together. You both are so beautiful!

aurora said...

Chell that was so beautiful! Your childhood sounds so wonderful.

I didn't have a sister, either, and always wanted one.

Happy Birthday, Colleen. :)

Oh, and yes, you are both gorgeous!

catbomb said...

Awwwwthat was lovely! You're both so gorgeous. Happy B'day Colleen!!

Chellie said...

I loved that! Your sister sounds as wonderful as you. I think it's great to have a special relationship with her. That is so wonderful to hear.

I love the picture of her as a hostess on the airplane. She is so beautiful, as are you!

Megan said...

i love childhood and miss it so much *sigh*... so wait you have been to new zealand?! i am so jealous. i have an aunt and uncle there that i have wanted to visit forever. i just can't afford those plain tickets! your sister is so cute by the way!

Klin said...

This is a beautiful reflection of your sister's and your relationship. I, too, was a poor kid as far as money was concerned. I did play and my play was rich with imagination. Looks like yours was, too.

Happy Birthday Colleen.

Mars said...

aww this was so cute. You & your sister are very pretty!

Jayci said...

so many fun memories! Your sister and you sound like such great friends. You are both so lucky!

Happy Birthday to your sister!

Unknown said...

wow. happy birthday to your sister. what a sweet tribute to her. she sounds like an amazing woman!

Colleen said...

Hey sissy, i finally commented on it!!! It is gorgeous, amazing, i absoulutely loved it, so i did one for you too on my page. Not as great as your obviously (u always were better with words), but i tried. lol. i hope you like it. drop me a commment after u have read it. xoxoxox

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