Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hey there again...well, just got back to work after the Easter long weekend, although I have to say, it wasnt nearly long enough! Just when I was really getting used to the idea of not being at work, I wake up this morning and realise that its Tuesday and that I actually have to get out of bed at the completely crazy hour of 5.50am and drag my aching, tired body into the shower to try and rouse some sort of "awakeness" Alas, it failed and by 7am (the time I was supposed to be on the road already) I had not only not showered yet, but couldnt find my top, had a bad hair morning and jabbed my eye with my mascara...could this day get any worse? I didnt have to wait long though for my did! Upon arriving at work I realised that today was the day that a TV crew was coming in to interview my boss and I had to clean the office office as well as try and get the pics I had framed for him up on the wall. Now picture this - 9 inch heels, a headache, a watery-mascara damaged eye and a sore arm (from playing Nintendo Wii for the first time over the weekend) and I am on a chair, trying to nail things in the wall to keep the frames up. I think my collegue saw my dilema and came to my rescue with an electric drill and some much needed assistance! I finished it all at 11am and they arrived at 12, so I breathed a sigh of relief! Then, the day continued...once they were finished with him, they filmed the rest of the office, including me - looking like I had a hangover, but without the benefit of having actually had something to drink! What could I do? I just grinned and carried on pretending to be "busy."

Its now 16.11pm and I get to go home in exactly 19 mins...*yawn* I need to sleep as well as drink some tea, didnt have any milk this morning, so I am a cup behind! Note to self - get milk on the way home! :-)

Oh gosh..I also have to go to gym..hence the pic I decided to attach. Man, now I feel down. I am the type of person that gym memberships make alot of money from...I pay each month and dont go! But, Ryan (the boyfriend) has made me go lately and I must admit, once I am there its ok, but its the getting there thats just ghastly! "Must have more willpower...must have more willpower!!..." We will see how long that lasts.

Till tomorrow - when I hopefully shall be proud to tell you that I went to gym..I will be going.

Rochelle x


david santos said...

Thanks for your posting and have a good week.
I loved this blog.