Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi again...ok ok, I have to get this off my chest, I didnt go to gym yesterday...phew, ok, I feel better now! :-)

I honestly did have every intention of going, but those intentions got a little lost once I got home and Ryan suggested we eat a few Easter Eggs and then go to the shops to get me a new top for my friends 21st on come on, who can choose gym over chocolate and shopping?!? I am sure I am not alone in my choice :-)

I ended up getting a hot pink top for the party - its a "Bright colours of the Rainbow" theme, so I had to go wild when choosing the colour. But I actually really like it and I am looking forward to wearing it. I have to do the speech on the night, so I was up until 22.30pm last night writing it and trying to make it funny, yet thoughtful and something that she would remember with a smile in the years to come when she pulls the photo's out.

Just if you were wondering, these awesome horse pics that I have on my Blog page are actually the photography work of an amazingly talented man, Tim Flach...Google him and check out his work, its mindblowing, especially for horse lovers. can just keep an eye on my Blog, where I will be featuring more of his work :-)

Well, I now have to get down to some I will post again when something happens :-)

PS: I am wanting to start working on a novel in the form of a diary that a young woman keeps...good idea? Bad idea?

Rochelle xxx