Friday, March 28, 2008

I am supposed to be finding and typing in endless amounts of invoice numbers, but this just seemed so much better! :-) Also, it has been crazy busy today and I think I deserve a few mins to Blog!

The morning didnt start off well. I was supposed to be up at 5am, to leave home at 6am, to get to town at 6.45am to get to be first in line to a sample sale at the Volcom factory store. Well, I did set the alarm for 5, but only got out of bed at 6, which resulted in a mad scramble to get in some clothes and get some lunch packed...eventually got out the house at 6.20 with lunch that consisted of 2 hot cross buns and 3 pieces of bread and an avo to put on the bread!!...pretty good for getting ready quickly though! I was quite proud anyway...we got there and there were already loads of people and I was quite disappointed as they only really had tops for girls, and only bottoms in a size 32! I mean come on, who fits in a size 32?! Not me in any case! :-) Aaaanyway...I ended up with 3 tops. Ryan also got 3. Then, we had to try to get to work on time..well, we walked out and it was BUCKETING down with rain-not cats and dogs, I am talking small animals here!! And we had about 50metres to the car...needless to say that by the time we got there we were SOAKED right through to our undies! Hee hee... then, to make matters worse, when we got closer to work, we saw that it hadnt rained there at all and so, we were sopping wet and looking stupid! "Oh yes madam, I decided that a run under the garden sprinklers was a wonderful idea once Im in my work clothes!" :-) Well, we dried off soon enough and got to work on time believe it or not!

Once I was at work though, the drama started again. The phone lines were completely dead - no incoming or outgoing calls! Now, Waltons is the largest stationery supplier in South Africa and we are the Head Office branch, so you can imagine what a catastrophe this is! Its now almost time to go home and they are still all down...lovely peace and quiet if you ask me..they can be down tomorrow aswell! But, I was at reception this morning as the receptionist was late and if I answered another internal call from a staff member asking if there was something wrong with the phones, I was honestly going to have a freakout!

Well, today has actually been very boring apart from the mornings drama's! I swear, sometimes this place can make a good setting for a soap opera!

I had better be getting back to finding those invoice numbers...27mins till I can go home! :-) And to gym today...I will go to gym, I will go to gym.....

Roch xxx