Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My weekend...

Well, I had a busy weekend compared to normally...

On Friday night Ryan took me to the movies and we saw Jumper - not really a very girly girl movie, but I agreed cos the lead actor, Hayden Christianson is too good looking! :-)

After that we went for a drink at Harlequins on the Bluff and then it was off to bed to be up early the next morning to go for a horse ride with my friend, Frann in Summerveld.

This is Audit Trail, or better known as Fat Boy that I rode - he is so gorgeous hey?

Well, after the amazing ride, we went for breakfast/lunch at Riders Rest...the most amazing little tea garden! Its just too divine for words and if you are ever in the area, check it out! I recommend the home made pie, gravy, chips and salad! Mmmm...I am going to take Ryan there sometime.

When I got home I had a little sleep and then watched the rugby - Super 14, Sharks vs Reds...obviously my Durban Sharks won! It was a good game. Then we were off to the friends 21st was the most fun that I have had in a very long time! You can see us in the pic below...

We really had an awesome time and came dressed in the same colours! :-)

On Sunday I slept till the afternoon! hee hee, thats actually embarrasing, I shouldnt be putting it on the internet! I only got home at about 2am, and I did have a very busy day!

On Sunday afternoon we just lazed around and got take aways and a movie at night. Now, there is a story behind the takeaway - awhile ago we went to the KFC on the Bluff and received the most terrible service and wrong order, so I complained and on Friday night we got a call from the manageress saying that we could come and get a free meal! hee hee...

Tonight I was supposed to have gone to gym, but have been invited by our church home group to an all you can eat ribs evening! Mmmmm...cant wait! One thing that can definitely wait till tomorrow though is gym! :-)

Till later

Roch x


catbomb said...

Thats so good that you complainted about the bad service! & i bet the free meal didn't hurt either :)