Saturday, April 5, 2008

Being sick on a Friday...

I am sick and today is Friday (hence the title for this Blog)

Isnt that just totally awful? I mean, being sick is bad enough, but having the flu (and possibly tonsil trouble) over the weekend is just cruel! No being able to get off work with a doctors note, no being over the worst by the weekend so you can still enjoy it...nothing.
Sometimes I think I have the worst luck.

Its been a quiet day so far, which I am eternally grateful for. I think this is because my boss has been out and about for most of the day, and as his PA that means I can on with my normal office work, which has been sorely neglected this past week because I have been piled with other work.

As I said in my last post, I was supposed to be working tomorrow in Hillcrest, but had to cancel this morning because I dont even know why Im at work today, I feel so ill, let alone try and go to work on a Saturday.

I have a question that I hope someone from Med-Lemon is reading...when you need to take medication, you feel sick enough, so, my question is :

"Why make the medication that you have to drink taste worse than you feel???"

Arghhh, I had the pleasure of having to drink a hot Med Lemon, Mint flavour last night and I almost just decided to stay sick, thats how bad it tasted! What is wrong with the makers of these as well as cough mixture? I would like to see the creators of these sit and drink the concoctions....

In South Africa at the moment, and in particular, KZN, we are running out of electricity. Yes, my American friends that read this post, you did read correctly. We do not have enough electricity to support everyone. So, our ingenius electricity provider, Eskom, has come up with this idea...loadshedding.

Basically, this means that during certain times in the day and at night, they cut your power on purpose for between 2 and 3hrs. You can imagine the drama that this causes...the reason I mention it is because its starting to get colder now, and while in summer, I really didnt mind having a cold shower (because the power is off the geyser cant work) but, I cannot come to terms with having a cold one in winter!
I shudder at the thought...

Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you...there was a guy that committed suicide on the Bluff where I live yesterday afternoon. He did it by the beach and so alot of people found out about it.
It made me so sad to think about it, that life can be so bad for someone that they think they have no way out?

How does that happen?

Who cares for those people who feel like they have nobody?

I know the answer to that, but its so sad that so many people dont. I wish I could stand on a rooftop somewhere and shout : "JESUS LOVES YOU!!" and just make everyone listen. But, Im only me and although I try my best, I cant reach everyone with the word of God. I try though and Im sure He sees that...
I really just would like to go home and curl up with a hot water bottle and sleep...but I still have 3hrs of work left, so I just have to stick it out I suppose.

Oh, some good news, I have my first order for making an entire scrapbook! I am doing it for a mother to give to her daughter as a 21st birthday present! Im super excited, but also nervous! I hope it comes out the way that she expects it to!

Well, I will go for now...probably chat again later to try and pass the time...


Unknown said...

bummer, being sick on friday and the weekend. odd, but i got sick on thursday and it is still lingering today. yucky and no fun when paul is home for the weekend and i can't be my normal, fun self.

that is so sad about the guy who committed suicide..sad to think that that is a person's only option.

yay for getting your first scrapbook order..i hope we get to see pictures once you are done!

and sorry about your cold showers. and bad tasting cold medicine. blech.