Friday, April 4, 2008

Thursday afternoons...

Dont you just love Thursday afternoons? They kinda laze by and when they are almost done - as mine just about it - you feel all warm and bubbly inside because when you wake up it will be Friday! Meaning the last day of work for the week....hold that thought....I am not able to feel all those fuzzy happy feelings about Friday as I have to travel up to Hillcrest this morning to do a Promotion to try and get some extra cash as its only the start of the month and lo and behold, I have none!

How does that happen do you ask?

Q : Do I spend too much on clothes?
A : Yes

Q : Do I just swipe the debit card without taking a moment to think about whether I really need that shirt/shorts/grocery item ect ect?
A : Yes

Ok, you kinda get the idea now...

I will NOT purchase ANY item of clothing for the ENTIRE month of April.
I will NOT go out to eat (unless my honey pie boyfriend offers to pay) :-)
I will NOT buy anything from the Avon and Honey brochures when they come around at work

Ok...thats about all the "I will nots" that I can deal with right now...

I have decided though to start a little entraupeneer..entrupe.....entrepeneur....oh gosh, never mind, I am going to start making money doing something else!! :-)

I am going to make scrapbooks for people, they will give me all their photos and I will do the whole thing for them at a price per page or something along those lines...Hope it goes well!

Well, I am off to go home now..have a good Thursday night!

Rochelle x


Unknown said...

hi rochelle! thanks for stopping by my blog. i've been catching up on yours and am curious as to how you found mine. curious and a tad embarassed if it was because of the africa party. are we americans lame or what? ha ha. anyway, have a great friday! it's my thursday afternoon right now and i'm loving it. fridays, and by extension, weekends, are the BEST!