Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last night...

Wow, I went with a friend of mine and her mom to the Barnyard, Gateway last night for a "Natural Woman" was so awesome! The 4 main lady performers were great, especially the one sassy woman who had us all in stitches. You sure as hell havent seen a "booty shake" till you have seen this lady shake what her mamma gave her!!! It was for a fundraiser for South Side church on the Bluff and I was invited by was well worth it! The evening didnt start off all that well though, I had an hour to make sausage rolls and shower, and since it was the first time I had used my new little mini-kitchen-thingy, it didnt work so well and took FOREVER to heat up and then the bottom of the sausage rolls burnt and the tops werent cooked...aaaaghhh! I had put them in and jumped in the shower...but when I got out I smelt something that smelt suspiciously of burning sausage rolls - I ran to the oven (clad in only a towel) and pulled them out, only to see that the tops hadnt even browned!!! I mean, hang on, they arent supposed to look like that! Trust the fact that when you make something for just you it comes out perfect...but low and behold as soon as the inlaws pitch or you have to make something to take with to somewhere, its a friggin disaster! Well, at least the lights were pretty much out while the show was on, so nobody could see the charcoaled sausage rolls! (needless to say, I strategically positioned them all facing upwards - just incase!)

I must say I am falling asleep at my desk at the moment because we only got home after 11pm...then I realised I didnt have my pants ironed for work......when it rains it pours! :-)
But, I got to bed eventually and after hitting snooze 56 times this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed and have another crack at the oven to make us some pizza for lunch for work today! I havent yet tried it...Im putting it off for as long as possible! :-)

Well, I have a stack of work to do, so I will be going for now.............Rochelle x


Unknown said...

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