Friday, March 28, 2008

I am supposed to be finding and typing in endless amounts of invoice numbers, but this just seemed so much better! :-) Also, it has been crazy busy today and I think I deserve a few mins to Blog!

The morning didnt start off well. I was supposed to be up at 5am, to leave home at 6am, to get to town at 6.45am to get to be first in line to a sample sale at the Volcom factory store. Well, I did set the alarm for 5, but only got out of bed at 6, which resulted in a mad scramble to get in some clothes and get some lunch packed...eventually got out the house at 6.20 with lunch that consisted of 2 hot cross buns and 3 pieces of bread and an avo to put on the bread!!...pretty good for getting ready quickly though! I was quite proud anyway...we got there and there were already loads of people and I was quite disappointed as they only really had tops for girls, and only bottoms in a size 32! I mean come on, who fits in a size 32?! Not me in any case! :-) Aaaanyway...I ended up with 3 tops. Ryan also got 3. Then, we had to try to get to work on time..well, we walked out and it was BUCKETING down with rain-not cats and dogs, I am talking small animals here!! And we had about 50metres to the car...needless to say that by the time we got there we were SOAKED right through to our undies! Hee hee... then, to make matters worse, when we got closer to work, we saw that it hadnt rained there at all and so, we were sopping wet and looking stupid! "Oh yes madam, I decided that a run under the garden sprinklers was a wonderful idea once Im in my work clothes!" :-) Well, we dried off soon enough and got to work on time believe it or not!

Once I was at work though, the drama started again. The phone lines were completely dead - no incoming or outgoing calls! Now, Waltons is the largest stationery supplier in South Africa and we are the Head Office branch, so you can imagine what a catastrophe this is! Its now almost time to go home and they are still all down...lovely peace and quiet if you ask me..they can be down tomorrow aswell! But, I was at reception this morning as the receptionist was late and if I answered another internal call from a staff member asking if there was something wrong with the phones, I was honestly going to have a freakout!

Well, today has actually been very boring apart from the mornings drama's! I swear, sometimes this place can make a good setting for a soap opera!

I had better be getting back to finding those invoice numbers...27mins till I can go home! :-) And to gym today...I will go to gym, I will go to gym.....

Roch xxx

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yourself: Rochelle aka Chell or Lolli
Your Partner: is amazing and makes me laugh till my cheeks hurt
Your Hair: is wild...very wild...thank Heavens for the creators of GHD.
Your Mother: is an angel
Your Father: is actually a big softie
Your Favorite Item: my GHD (see no 3)
Your Dream Last Night: made me half an hour late!
Your Favorite Drink: Coke
Your Dream Car: Old beetle done up to look amazing.
Your Dream Home: new and decorated all my ME
The Room You Are In: at my office at work
Your Fear: losing people I love
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: married, with a couple kids, owning a home
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Myself and the TV
What You’re Not: I don't look the way I want to
Muffins: are delicious but full of calories
One of Your Wish List Items: An Engagement ring
Time: an hour and a half before I can go home
The Last Thing You Did: spoke to my Ouma
What You Are Wearing: Long pink and black shirt and baggy black 3quarter pants.
Your Favorite Weather: warm, with a breeze
Your Favorite Book: Everything by Nicholas Sparks
Last Thing You Ate: Pita Bread and bread with avo.
Your Life: is complicated!!!Your Mood: so ready to go home...
Your Best Friends: are amazing people who I couldnt live without.
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: having to go to gym after work...argghhhhhh...
Your Car: is nonexistant
What Are You Doing At The Moment: looking for Nedbank invoice numbers for a guy in Joburg & blogging!
Your Summer: still seems to be hanging around - although I am so ready for Winter right now! With big fluffy choc....mmm...
Relationship Status: Very much in love...3 years, 1 month and 26 days down the line!
What Is On Your TV: i have no idea - probably something terrible, as free daytime television in SA is shocking..
What Is The Weather Like: No idea, havent been outside all day and our office has no about cabin fever!!!
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: a few mins ago with a collegue.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No, nothing else has happened thats worth writing about, but I realised after reading another awesome Blog, that I had no pics on mine. The below are all from our visit to New Zealand in December 2007 to visit my family that immigrated about 3 years ago...

This is Ryan & I on the hill behind our old house - there is a gorgeous lookout and you can see 360 degrees around you at beautiful Pukekohe...(yes, its a funny name, but a wonderful little storybook town about an hour south of Auckland)

Ryan, holding the cutest little duckling at the animal farm/zoo in Franklin, about 20 mins away from our new farmhouse. So adorable!!!

The below pic is of Ian, my little brother...the most adorable little boy in the world! (In my eyes at least...) Also taken at the zoo/animal farm.

My sister, Colleen and I on Christmas day... such beautiful women hey? :-)

Ryan and I celebrate my belated 21st Birthday in New Zealand with my family...

Ian and myself on my parents farm, chewing in sticks of grass like real farmers! Note the friendly cow in the back!!

The ducks at the pond near our house where we went to a few picnics while we were there. They pretty much come right onto your picnic blanket looking for food! Too cute!

Ian and I at Rainbows End - the biggest amusement park in the southern hemisphere. Such an awesome day! Ian had to have a pic like this with everyone! Can you say adorable?!?

Ryan and I on the Log Flume ride at the abovementioned Rainbows end...quite good for a self portrait! :-)

The 3 ladies! My sister Colleen, me and my little sister Monique, again, at Rainbows End waiting in one of the endless lines! :-)

Hi again...ok ok, I have to get this off my chest, I didnt go to gym yesterday...phew, ok, I feel better now! :-)

I honestly did have every intention of going, but those intentions got a little lost once I got home and Ryan suggested we eat a few Easter Eggs and then go to the shops to get me a new top for my friends 21st on come on, who can choose gym over chocolate and shopping?!? I am sure I am not alone in my choice :-)

I ended up getting a hot pink top for the party - its a "Bright colours of the Rainbow" theme, so I had to go wild when choosing the colour. But I actually really like it and I am looking forward to wearing it. I have to do the speech on the night, so I was up until 22.30pm last night writing it and trying to make it funny, yet thoughtful and something that she would remember with a smile in the years to come when she pulls the photo's out.

Just if you were wondering, these awesome horse pics that I have on my Blog page are actually the photography work of an amazingly talented man, Tim Flach...Google him and check out his work, its mindblowing, especially for horse lovers. can just keep an eye on my Blog, where I will be featuring more of his work :-)

Well, I now have to get down to some I will post again when something happens :-)

PS: I am wanting to start working on a novel in the form of a diary that a young woman keeps...good idea? Bad idea?

Rochelle xxx

hey there again...well, just got back to work after the Easter long weekend, although I have to say, it wasnt nearly long enough! Just when I was really getting used to the idea of not being at work, I wake up this morning and realise that its Tuesday and that I actually have to get out of bed at the completely crazy hour of 5.50am and drag my aching, tired body into the shower to try and rouse some sort of "awakeness" Alas, it failed and by 7am (the time I was supposed to be on the road already) I had not only not showered yet, but couldnt find my top, had a bad hair morning and jabbed my eye with my mascara...could this day get any worse? I didnt have to wait long though for my did! Upon arriving at work I realised that today was the day that a TV crew was coming in to interview my boss and I had to clean the office office as well as try and get the pics I had framed for him up on the wall. Now picture this - 9 inch heels, a headache, a watery-mascara damaged eye and a sore arm (from playing Nintendo Wii for the first time over the weekend) and I am on a chair, trying to nail things in the wall to keep the frames up. I think my collegue saw my dilema and came to my rescue with an electric drill and some much needed assistance! I finished it all at 11am and they arrived at 12, so I breathed a sigh of relief! Then, the day continued...once they were finished with him, they filmed the rest of the office, including me - looking like I had a hangover, but without the benefit of having actually had something to drink! What could I do? I just grinned and carried on pretending to be "busy."

Its now 16.11pm and I get to go home in exactly 19 mins...*yawn* I need to sleep as well as drink some tea, didnt have any milk this morning, so I am a cup behind! Note to self - get milk on the way home! :-)

Oh gosh..I also have to go to gym..hence the pic I decided to attach. Man, now I feel down. I am the type of person that gym memberships make alot of money from...I pay each month and dont go! But, Ryan (the boyfriend) has made me go lately and I must admit, once I am there its ok, but its the getting there thats just ghastly! "Must have more willpower...must have more willpower!!..." We will see how long that lasts.

Till tomorrow - when I hopefully shall be proud to tell you that I went to gym..I will be going.

Rochelle x

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Thursday..

Well, today is proving to take its time in getting over with...probably because the long Easter weekend starts tomorrow, so I am looking forward to it too annoying how days tend to drag on purpose!

Well, havent been up to much lately, just work work work...have to take minutes at a 3hr meeting today!! Come on...all I want is to go home and crawl into my bed and watch Greys Anatomy..dont these ppl know that? Anyways, I have been having a look at other ppl's Blogs and I have to say that mine looks pretty sad at the moment...probably because I have no clue as to how to go about making it look all pretty and stuff...I think I must spend some time finding out how to...lets try and upload a pic...mmmm....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last night...

Wow, I went with a friend of mine and her mom to the Barnyard, Gateway last night for a "Natural Woman" was so awesome! The 4 main lady performers were great, especially the one sassy woman who had us all in stitches. You sure as hell havent seen a "booty shake" till you have seen this lady shake what her mamma gave her!!! It was for a fundraiser for South Side church on the Bluff and I was invited by was well worth it! The evening didnt start off all that well though, I had an hour to make sausage rolls and shower, and since it was the first time I had used my new little mini-kitchen-thingy, it didnt work so well and took FOREVER to heat up and then the bottom of the sausage rolls burnt and the tops werent cooked...aaaaghhh! I had put them in and jumped in the shower...but when I got out I smelt something that smelt suspiciously of burning sausage rolls - I ran to the oven (clad in only a towel) and pulled them out, only to see that the tops hadnt even browned!!! I mean, hang on, they arent supposed to look like that! Trust the fact that when you make something for just you it comes out perfect...but low and behold as soon as the inlaws pitch or you have to make something to take with to somewhere, its a friggin disaster! Well, at least the lights were pretty much out while the show was on, so nobody could see the charcoaled sausage rolls! (needless to say, I strategically positioned them all facing upwards - just incase!)

I must say I am falling asleep at my desk at the moment because we only got home after 11pm...then I realised I didnt have my pants ironed for work......when it rains it pours! :-)
But, I got to bed eventually and after hitting snooze 56 times this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed and have another crack at the oven to make us some pizza for lunch for work today! I havent yet tried it...Im putting it off for as long as possible! :-)

Well, I have a stack of work to do, so I will be going for now.............Rochelle x

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My First post!

Hi, so I think I am about the only person to have realised about this whole blogging thing now! Well, better late than never I suppose :-)

Hopefully this will be a regular, (maybe daily) form of communication where I can meet stax of new people and make new friends...

Heres to my newest hobby!!